George Harrison

by Roy Orbitron

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released January 7, 2013

This is the Roy side of the Roy Orbitron/Huge Pupils split 12" vinyl. A purchase of the download/vinyl includes both sides of the split. Huge Pupils' side is available for streaming at


Conor Meara [Trenton, NJ]: Electric (1-7) & Acoustic (3,4) Guitars, Organ (3), Bass Guitar (4), Piano (4), Songs (1-7), Words (1-6) & Voice (1-6)
Dan Jefferson [Ringoes, NJ]: Drum Set (1-7)
Paul Hewes [Media, PA]: Bass Guitar (1-7)
Curtis Reejin [Newtown, PA]: Piano (2-7)
Joe Plourde [Brooklyn, NYC]: Electric Guitar (1,2,7)
Alec Gabin [Los Angeles, CA]: Rhodes Piano (1,2,5)
Noah Baum [Pittsburgh, PA]: Violin (2-6)
David Hallinger [Newtown, PA]: Electric Guitar (2,4,5,7)
Dina Mild [Moscow, RU]: Voice & Words (7)
Josh Phillips [Drexel Hill, PA]: Voice (2)
John Lehmann [Pittsburgh, PA]: Voice (5)
Dawn Foster & Heidi Le [Northern NJ]: Voices (4)
Chris Parsons [Media, PA]: Saxophone (3)
Al Rosenkranz [Trenton, NJ]: Telephone Call (5)

Drum set recorded by Marc Critelli in Dan's basement. Joe, Alec, Dina, and Chris recorded themselves. Al spoke into his cell phone. Everything else recorded at home or on location by Conor. Mixed by Conor. Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering.


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Track Name: Oh Me, Oh My...
take two of these, open up and bleed, she caught me watching her from behind the trees. please don’t go. oh me oh my, you’ll have to die. you ain’t goin’ nowhere, my hands turn to fists, that smile so crooked will never be missed.
Track Name: Lost Rhino
“take a knee,” he said. I’d be better off dead. got on my high socks, at home’s my hi-tops, she’s dancing… look, she’s dancing ‘cross the floor. Mom, I’ll be home soon.
Track Name: Head High
I climbed up mountains just to catch a view. I’d paddle ‘cross oceans just to get to you. but you were down in the center of town drinkin’ ‘em up and takin’ those pills down… I didn’t know what else to do… but oh lucky me! so many fish in the sea that I can’t hardly breathe! I’ll just poke the machine.
Track Name: LBI
you smell like rain / with all its freshness and sadness / blossoming with seven thousand shadows on the wooden porch / trickling through the floor’s gorge / covered with the warm spring’s hand / you’ll never get cold / never get lost / like drumming a farmer’s village house roof hard / and puddling the yard / you’ll never get tired / you’re the restless one / the one who thinks life’s so much fun / who knows if you’re right? / damn, now you’re right / I’ve never had a chance to know your borders / I’ve never really tried / And God, you always smell like water / like a thunderstorm with no light / the ocean at its deepest height / an over-measured sheet of blotter
Track Name: Swallow
I’ve got two matching shoes and I’ve got some white-boy blues… first world problems galore, can’t even walk in a grocery store with you. what more can you do? spent the day watching the clock repeat itself with that minute hand tock… sittin’ here, ears all bent, don’t ask where those hours went, they flew. what more can you do? suddenly I forgot how to swallow… no sense in that head so hollow… I rang the bell, ain’t nobody came… so much trouble in tryin’ to be sane with you. what more can you do? I wish you never learned how to drive… sixteen, barely alive, or a city girl who don’t trip on her tongue… more to her word than baiting some come.
Track Name: Black Fox Farm
we walked to the party holding hands but you walked through that party looking for your next man and you said “one,” just one beer (18 beers ago), you’re lookin’ just like a fool baby I should know, and I should know better, but better him than me, now, i’ll put on my boots, you just watch TV, I’ll go leave my troubles at the farm. oh, you simple bitch, thinkin’ you’ll just marry rich with lies, lies, lies, lies, lying’s just like breathing to you. you fooled me once, that’ll do.
Track Name: Fuck College
I went to college, majored in bullshit. 4 years, 5 million beers, to hang my name on the wall and say “mom – mom, look what I did! Hey dad! Look what I did! I wasted my youth and I wasted your money too!” I got her pregnant, he’s due any day now, 18 years paying arrears, she looks so bad to me now, oh mom… mom look what I did. Dad, look what I did… I wasted my youth and I wasted your money too. I got a mortgage livin’ here with the puppy. 30 years ‘till I’m clear, the bank takes my money now.

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